school of the earth

Since many years, zoological parks are becoming places of learning and discovering with a great educational potential. Wildlife preservation is in the heart of our daily concerns and we must learn it to our children.

Coming into contact with the wildlife

We created and adapted educational workshop according to school programs.

This area presents the educational activities that Park of the Mamelles offers to you and also the modality to participate. If you still have questions after reading this file, don't hesitate to contact our educational service by mail at or make a booking here.

7 educational suitcases : THE BIRDS

" Let us imagine that we wish to explain to somebody who has never seen it, that is a bird (snag! An extraterrestrial maybe?) " a model bird on multimedia screen appears. We are going to use our model bird to place all there that we know about him. (Extracted from the workshop(studio) n°1)

The discovering workshops :

    WORKSHOP 1 : What is a bird ?
    WORKSHOP 2 : The bird anatomy
    WORKSHOP 3 : Classification
    WORKSHOP 4 : The birdsong
    WORKSHOP 5 : Observations in the aviary
    WORKSHOP 6 : the birds reproduction
    WORKSHOP 7 : Birds beaks and the chain  

If you want to join these workshops, please book before and contact our educational service in order to personalize your day. School groups booking can be done calling 05 90 98 83 52.

An educational tree : HECTOR, L'ARBRE MORT

He tells us the life of natural forest...

« My name is Hector. I have been living in this forest since so many time that i vacillate. Even if the ancestor i am is dead for you, i still be used as a perch for birds, and for many plants or animals. I am the memory of the forest. Through my long life, you will discover its wealth... ».

This tool contains 12 workshops in the trunk of a real size tree.
The following themes are tackled :

    Workshop n°1 > Trip in the heart of a virgin forest
    Workshop n°2 > The memory of a tree
    Workshop n°3 > Age of the forest seen from the sky
    Workshop n°4 > Forest mutation without stumps
    Workshop n°5 > Nothing is loosing, nothing is created...
    Workshop n°6 > Biodiversity at each steps
    Workshop n°7 > The big inventory
    Workshop n°8 > what a nice HLM !
    Workshop n°9 > Microcosmos
    Workshop n°10 > Incredible !
    Workshop n°11 > There is strengh in numbers
    Workshop n°12 > Let live Hector !

If you want to join these workshops, please book before and contact our educational service in order to personalize your day.

"We take care of all !" Option

An organizer can be at your disposal to welcome the group and lead them to the workshop place. He also can answer all the questions that pupils or teachers might ask.
Price per workshop (2h30) : 50 €

Workshop of Parc des Mamelles have been created to be used with full autonomy, the teacher can download educational files as soon as his registration is valide in order to prepare his program.